Our kennel of working, short-coated Weimaraners “Der Zwinger vom Habichtswald” is located in Lower Saxony, close to the City of Bremen. We are a member of the “Weimaraner Klub e.V“., VDH, F.C.I. and JGHV.

We exclusively breed with dogs that are listed in the German register of working dogs (Deutsches Gebrauchshundestammbuch). They are VGP (Verbandsgebrauchshundeprüfung) tested.

Next to excellent hunting skills, our breeding aims are the dogs’ health as well as a stable and friendly character. The puppies grow up as fully integrated family members; thus, getting to now everyday situations in house and garden. They meet children of all ages, elderly people as well as other dogs. They are imprinted on a variety of game, are introduced to food and blood tracking, and practice pointing and swimming.


We plan our F-litter in Spring 2022


The parents and grandparents are all listed in the German family register of working dogs (Deutsches Gebrauchshundestammbuch). They are VGP tested, show excellent and have good hips and bark when hunting.  

Prior generations to parents and grandparents were almost all VGP tested and have been awarded several honors of the German “Verbandsschweißprüfung” and “Schweißleistungszeichen”.

Next to their good hunting skills, both parents are stable, friendly, and social in character, having been judged “excellent” on conformation shows of the “Weimaraner Klub e.V“.


All puppies are raised professionally in house and garden, enjoying full family integration.


All puppies are given to active hunters or rescue dog handlers only!